Teaching Tom

Tom has everything he ever wanted, thanks to Tori. In the two years since he conquered her heart, their love has grown to the point where Tom has to regularly pinch himself to check if he’s living a dream too good to be true.
But when tragedy strikes Tom’s family, the dream soon turns into a nightmare. Tom makes a couple of bad decisions that will have disastrous consequences. The love that he and Tori believed was unshakeable becomes severely tested. Ravaged by guilt and grief, and unable to meet the ever-increasing needs of his family, Tom reaches out to the person he loves the most. 
But Tori is fighting her own demons, unwilling to forgive him. When she discovers some painful truths about her beloved late mother, her own decisions seem so much harder to follow through.

As both try to find their own way to heal from their hurt, one question remains unanswered – is the rift that’s grown between them too big to overcome?