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Song of Love Chapter Eight

Thank you for sticking with this story! I hope you've enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here is the final chapter. You might need some more tissues. Chapter Eight Liam was back at Uni, excited about the prospect of starting a music degree after his first year of law. Zac scored himself an apprenticeship as a chef at The Boathouse, of all places, and Lorna was convinced that his friendship with Lexi was fast developing into something more than just friends. It was ironic that Lorna’s boys were on track to happiness for the first time in months, yet her own life had become painful and full of longing for a man she had sent away with her stuck-up ideas and need for control. One night, she missed Nate so much she went on YouTube to watch him sing the song he wrote for her. Even as she waited for her search to provide the links, she wondered why she hadn’t thought of that earlier. She could have listened to his songs and watched his videos a hundred times