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Song of Love Chapter One: To take your mind off Covid19

It has been a while since I posted last. Now that we are in Covid19-lockdown, I thought it might be nice to share some of my writing with you. This is the start to a novel called "Song of Love". Chapter One Nate Cooper sat in the middle of his worn carpet and blew the dust off a brown cardboard box. He was tempted to dump its contents straight into the black rubbish bag beside him without sifting through. He’d already inhaled enough dust for the day and his knees were getting sore. The cold of the winter afternoon seeped through the single-glazed aluminium windows, chilling his fingers. Not much longer and he would be able to see the steam of his breath in front of him. The shabby box was filled with nearly two decades of music sheets, lyrics and a few pages of commercially produced sheet music. This was the last of half a dozen boxes his mother had stored in her garage since he’d moved out years ago. Now that she had remarried, she wanted the boxes gone. He