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New author biography

Most writers would consider themselves skilled at describing a person, but when it comes down to writing an author biography, it is suddenly difficult to decide what's important and what isn't. We are not used to writing about ourselves, especially not in the third person.  Do you stick to the cold hard (boring?) facts or do you add something more personal? I had a go at writing an author biography the other day and to my surprise, enjoyed it. I even found out about the correct spelling and original meaning of the word mother lode. Then I thought about my love of Italy and how that rubbed off in my writing in Tom's character, and I got distracted wondering how many types of pasta I could name from the top of my head. (Oh, the writer's brain, it's so marvelous and so irritating...) Despite all of these distractions, I managed to finish my author biography. Here it is, without further ado: Annie loves coffee with a   mother load   mother lode of milkfr