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Book Launch "Teaching Tori"

I am very proud, excited and incredibly nervous about the launch of my contemporary novel "Teaching Tori". After two years of hard work on this book, I am finally able to share this story with you: Tori has put up with Gerard’s bullying for so long, she is surprised when Tom, a visiting adviser to her school, turns into an ally she doesn’t really want. Despite her efforts to keep him at an arm’s length, he manages to gain her trust and a tender relationship starts to form.  A future with Tom looks certain when a misunderstanding leads Tori to wrongly accuse him of breaching her trust. She eventually recognises her mistake, but it is too late to win him back. Tori suffers greatly from losing him, but even worse, she loses her love of teaching. She lacks the energy to be the inspiring teacher she once was, sending her on a downward spiral of feelings of inadequacy and guilt. After weeks of misery, Tori takes to the hills of Central Otago to clear her head. High up