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Tori and the case of the mysterious quotation marks

Today I received my manuscript back from my copy editor. I love getting feedback and comments about my writing, especially from a professional editor, as I can learn so much from them. I wish I had the ability to look at my writing from the distance and without any emotional attachment. Editing would be so much easier. For some (so far) inexplicable reason I have two versions of quotation marks in my manuscript. They are scattered all over the novel in no particular pattern. Have a look at this: "How was the conference?" Rose asked half an hour later before the staff briefing. "Great. I’m so sorry that you missed out." "Did you find some other people to hang out with? I felt so bad when I let you down." “Yes, I met some people I knew. The dinner was great. I even danced, can you believe it?” “Oh, Tori, it must have been a great night for you to get up and dance!” “Definitely.” The font is Times New Roman. When I press shift+quota

Excited about a number

I am excited about a number. I am excited about numbers in any case because I teach Maths to my year four and five children, but this is a different number. This is my ISBN number. I won't bore you with the number by putting it here, but let's just say it's another step towards publication. I'm not sure how many steps there have been so far, but it feels like hundreds. And getting my number was one of the micro-steps. All I had to do was apply online with the National Library of New Zealand, fill in a form, and wait. A few days later, I received two numbers - one for the kindle edition, one for the softcover. The next step will be my final edit when my editor has finished with the copy-editing of my novel. Hopefully that will happen in the next week. If I had to decide on which step was the hardest in this process, I would struggle. Was is writing the first draft? Filling the gaps after the first developmental edit? Filling more gaps after the second developme

Book cover reveal "Teaching Tori"

I am very excited to reveal the book cover of "Teaching Tori "which will be released in a few weeks. Thank you to Isabel Paoli who designed the cover for me through the site designcrowd.